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A good mattress is vital for good sleep. However, since everyone is different, finding one means choosing according to your personal needs. Therefore, things like your weight, sleeping position, and underlying medical issues will all affect your choice.

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Sound is another easy one. For the best sleep quality, you need total silence. Therefore, make sure to turn off anything that makes any noise whatsoever.

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Sleeping position is another essential factor determining how well you sleep during the night. Sleeping on your back is ideal, as it relaxes every muscle and joint. However, if sleeping on your back causes strain, you can use a pillow between your knees or under the small of your back. Placing a pillow in these spots can provide additional support.

While you might think that your bed is the single most crucial thing dictating sleep quality, this is far from the truth. Controlling your sleeping environment can be just as effective at providing you with much-needed rest.

Making a sleep-friendly bedroom is very simple. To achieve this, you need to get three things right: light, sound, and temperature. Let’s talk about each of these in more detail.

Back pain is one of the most common medical issues related to sleep. However, there is a simple solution, even if you don’t want to buy a new mattress. According to Alex Savy, Certified Sleep Science Coach and Founder of Sleepingocean.com, “A mattress pad is a sure way to make your sleep more comfortable and adjust the feel of your mattress to your needs.” Since back pain can be detrimental to your tennis performance, it’s best to try and avoid it; a mattress pad or topper will help you do just that.